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Inline mounting

Avaliable in relieving and non-relieving diaphragm designs.

Outstanding control at a relatively low cost

Pressure gauge optional

NPTF port threads; optional BSPP threads

Ambient/Media Temperature:
-40° to 175°F (-40° to 79.4°C)

Body and Dome: 
Aluminum; Optional Anodized coating.

Fluid Media: 
CO2, inert gas

Inlet Pressure: 
300 psig (21) bar maximum.

Outlet Pressure: 
Adjustable up to 100 psig (7 bar)
standard.  Optional pressure ranges available.

Pressure gauge: 
0 to 160 psig (10.3 bar); 1/8-NPT gauge ports front and rear. Optional 1/8” 0-30 psig and 0-60 psig gauge can be purchased seperately.

Panel Mounting: 
1-3/16 inch (30mm) hole required.

Neoprene seals and o-rings, Nitrile diagphragm; Optional Nitrile seals, O-rings, and Diaphragm.


Select the required* options below to generate a part number.
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
CX-0A0A0A0-2CGWDIA REG 1/4BSP,NEO,0-125,$68.49
CX-0A0A0B0-2CWREL.REG 1/4BSP,NEO,0-125,$52.08
CX-0A0A1A0-2BDIA REG 1/4,NITRILE,0-175$52.08
CX-0B0A0A0-2AWDIA REG 1/4 BSPP,0-100$54.47
CX-0B0A0A0-2CGDIA REG 1/4,NEO,0-125,GAG$70.89
CX-0B0A0A0-2DWDIA REG 1/4 BSPP,0-50$54.47
CX-0B0A1A0-2CGDIA REG 1/4,NIT,0-125,GAG$70.89
CX-1A0A0B0-2DWDIA REG 1/4,NON-REL,0-50$52.08
CX-1B0A0A0-2EWDIA REG 1/4BSP,NO-REL,0-8$54.47
CX-1B0A0B0-2DWDIA REG 1/4,NON-REL,0-50$54.47
CX-1B0A1C0-1CDIA REG 1/4,NON-REL,0-125$54.47
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