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Gauges are back mounted with shatterproof plastic faces; heavy duty construction of bourdon and indicator dial for use in rugged environments. Large numerals display psig in red and bar in black. Accuracy within 2 to 3 percent.


Refer to specifications on individual regulator product pages for appropriate gauge port size. If you have a part number you may determine the series (Miniature, Sentry, Guardsman, Vanguard, 350, 380, etc.) by searching that part number; selecting “More Info”; the series will be noted in title of product page.




Catalog Pages

Service Kits and Other Literature


Select the required* options below to generate a part number.
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
200-BDDGAGE 2" 0-200 1/4"BACK MT$16.41
300-BDDGAGE 2" 0-300 1/4 BACK MT$16.41
30BDDGAGE, 0-30 1/4" BK MT$16.41
30MDDGAGE 1 1/2"0-30 1/8"BK MT$16.41
600-BDDGAGE 0-600 PSI 1/4"NPT$16.41
60BDDGAGE 2" 0-60 1/4" BACK MT$16.41
60MDDGAGE 1 1/2"0-60 1/8"BK MT$16.41
70MDDGAGE 1-1/2"0-160 1/8"BK M$16.41
A200-BDD-2GAGE KIT 0-200,1/4-NPTF$17.90
A200-BDD-3GAGE KIT 0-200,3/8-NPTF$17.90
A200-BDD-4GAGE KIT 0-200,1/2-NPTF$17.90
A300-BDD-2GAUGE KIT 0-300,1/4 NPTF$17.90
A300-BDD-3GAUGE KIT 0-300,3/8 NPTF$17.90
A300-BDD-4GAUGE KIT 0-300,1/2 NPTF$17.90
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